iPhone 3G – Look Inside – cool!

iPhone 3G – A Look Inside

iphone-3gOver in Auckland the ifixit team were getting their hands on the new iPhone 3G. They would be one of the first in the world due to the timezone of Auckland, to get their hands on this phone. Right after the launch they decided it was time to pull the thing apart.

The whole process starts with the removal of the SIM card which the iPhone comes with a special paper clip type SIM removal tool. Inside they found a number of changes compared to last years iPhone. These changes include a battery that’s not soldered to the iPhone, a glass screen that can be removed (with a number of screws) rather then peeling off the glue which made replacements more expensive. This is of course, good news for those of you who drop your iPhones and smash the screens. No GPS chip has been found as yet, although ifixit did comment that it would probably be bundled in elsewhere with another chip somewhere. No doubt these finer details will be available soon.


For a full run down of the process of taking the iPhone 3G apart, go and visit ifixit.

(Via Gadget Venue)

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