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Still a HUGE line in NYC

Just flew in to New York city, the city so nice they named it twice (david letterman).
I figured the iPhone hype would have died down a tad but NO. At 4:45pm on Sat. July 12th this is what the line looked like…..massive. I am here a few days, I hope to get in the GD Cube and get my iPhone!

How was your iPhone quest, I would love to hear and share some stories!



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You can’t charge the iPhone 3G on iPod Audio Systems

You can’t charge the iPhone 3G on iPod Audio Systems


The iPhone 3G has a few drawbacks when comparing it to the original iPhone – the biggest of which (for me anyway) is one that I just discovered tonight.

You can’t charge the device on an iPod Audio system. I have tried every one that I have in my house, including mStation, XtremeMac, and others – and when you connect them, you get a message that says “charging is not supported with this accessory”.

This i only with the iPhone 3G, however. Original iPhones with the iPhone 2.0 software update still work just fine.

So what’s going on here? What is it inside the new iPhone that makes this an impossible thing to do?

(Via Apple Gazette)

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MobileMe gets updated to 1.1

Apple posts Mac OS X Update for MobileMe 1.1
Picture 3.png
If you’ve already transitioned from .Mac to MobileMe, please be aware that Apple has distributed a Mac OS X Update for MobileMe 1.1. It’s available for installation through the Software Update system preference.

Apple posts Mac OS X Update for MobileMe 1.1
Apple’s MobileMe goes live
Analysts: iPhone 3G launch more significant than original iPhone
MobileMe software available for download
.Mac to shut down Wednesday in advance of MobileMe launch
“The Mac OS X Update For MobileMe is recommended for users running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 and includes general system fixes that enhance your Mac for MobileMe,” reads the accompanying information.

Apple offered no further details about what was fixed or changed in this release.

MobileMe replaces .Mac as Apple’s subscription-based service. The software enables you to synchronize data on multiple devices including Macs, iPhones and PCs, and sports e-mail, contact and calendar management, photo and Web page publishing and other capabilities.

(Via Macworld)

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“Yellow” iPhone 3G screen due to color calibration

“Yellow” iPhone 3G screen due to color calibration

36AC9A3C-A8AF-4F4D-AC1C-E87FE4A01D40.jpgWith users complaining of yellow screens, Apple has confirmed that the screens on the new iPhone 3G are calibrated differently. According to senior Apple representatives, Apple has adjusted screen’s color temperature differently to produce warmer, more natural tones. Citing a conversation with Apple’s senior director of product marketing, Engadget reports that “the screen’s color temperature “has been purposely altered on the new iPhone to produce warmer, more natural tones, sharper images, and deeper blacks.” The report says that first-generation iPhone screens “appeared colder and less defined,” leading Apple to make some adjustments for the new models.

(Via MacNN)

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Cool iPhone 3G cases

Marware’s iPhone 3G cases shipping

Marware is shipping six new iPhone 3G cases that are now shipping. The C.E.O. Glide (shown) is a US$24.99 case that’s constructed of firm-textured Nappa leather. The sleeve exposes virtually none of the iPhone and uses a dual-purpose strap system that both secures your iPhone and helps remove it from the case.
The $34.99 C.E.O. Premiere is a leather hip case designed to offer both protection and quick access. The $29.99 C.E.O. Flip Vue is a Nappa leather flip-top holster case.
The $34.99 Sportsuit Convertible is the a sport armband that “transforms” into three cases: an armband case, a clip-on case for a belt or shoulder strap, or a slim profile sleeve for an extra layer of protection in a pocket, gym bag, backpack or purse. All of these carrying solutions come with a clear protective film, microfiber cleaning cloth and the Marware lifetime guarantee.

(Via macsimumnews)

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Remote for IPhone and IPod Touch Rocks!

Remote for IPhone and IPod Touch
(AGS) This was the first App I downloaded and I LOVE it!

From pcworld:

It’s no surprise that Apple’s Remote application headed up the App Store’s list of Top Free Apps immediately after the iPhone application store launched. After installing Remote on an iPhone or iPod touch, the portable’s touchscreen becomes the best remote control I’ve yet seen for controlling an Apple TV–or iTunes running on a computer–located on the same local network. (Your iPhone or iPod touch must be connected to that network via WiFi.)
When you first launch the Remote application on your iPhone or iPod touch, you need to complete a one-time pairing procedure in order to choose which iPhone or iPod touch controls which Apple TV or which copy of iTunes. In the Remote program, you tap on Add Library, which displays a four-digit passcode on the screen. Then you select your iPhone or iPod touch on the Apple TV’s new Remotes screen (in Settings -> General), or in iTunes’ Devices list, and enter the passcode. You have to perform this simple procedure only once for each device with which you want to pair; launching the Remote program in the future automatically connects the iPhone or iPod touch to your Apple TV or to iTunes as long as you’re connected to the local WiFi network. (When you first connect to a source device–Apple TV or iTunes–there’s sometimes a few-second delay while Remote retrieves the library contents.) You can even pair with multiple devices and then choose which you want to control when you launch Remote.

When controlling an Apple TV or iTunes using Remote, your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen looks much like the mobile version of iTunes. At the bottom of the screen are Playlist, Artists, Albums, Search, and More buttons; the latter displays a screen with Audiobooks, Composers, Genres, Movies, Music Videos, Podcasts, Songs, and TV Shows–you actually get more options here than you do in mobile iTunes.

After choosing a category, you browse your iTunes or Apple TV library just as if you were browsing the media contents of your iPhone or iPod touch–by flicking your finger up or down and tapping to make a selection. You get an alphabetical index down the right-hand side of the screen, and you see album art and poster frames when viewing album and video listings, respectively. Choosing an album, track, podcast, or video begins playback; cover art is displayed on a Now Playing screen, just as if you were listening to audio on the iPod or iPod touch. You can even rate tracks when using Remote with iTunes.

If you’re wondering how well Remote lets you “scrub” through media, the answer depends on what you’re used to. The procedures are essentially the same as those on an iPhone or iPod touch: you tap-and-hold on the Back or Forward buttons to scan back or forward, respectively, within the current track, or you tap the Now Playing screen to manually position the playhead on the onscreen progress bar. Which means that in-track navigation using Remote is considerably better than using the Apple TV’s physical remote control, but is sorely lacking in precision compared to the scrub feature of Click Wheel iPods or the mouse-cursor-positioned progress bar of iTunes on your computer.

A great feature found in Remote that’s not available in iTunes on the iPhone or iPod touch is Search. Tap in a few letters and you instantly get a list of all content–artist names, tracks, movies, etc.–containing the search phrase. Tap on a track or video to play it, or tap on an artist or album to browse its contents. Remote even remembers your last search, so you don’t lose your results if you switch to another screen.

When controlling iTunes, the Remote program’s Settings screen also lets you individually enable or disable remote AirTunes speakers–AirPort Express or Apple TV units connected to speakers or a stereo system. (Unfortunately, the Settings button is located only on the main screen, so you may need to “back out” a bit to access it.)

Remote works well with iTunes, but it’s a godsend for Apple TV–especially if, like me, you’ve got a massive music collection. With the exception of Shuffle mode, I’d given up listening to music on my Apple TV because of the painfully-slow music navigation. With Remote, finding and playing any track in my library is easier than with any device or remote I’ve used. And I can do it from anywhere in or around my house.

The biggest shortcoming of Remote is that you can’t use it to browse the iTunes Store, nor can you initiate playback of an iTunes-rented movie that hasn’t yet been transferred to your Apple TV. (To put it more accurately, you can’t use Remote to navigate the Apple TV’s own interface; Remote effectively replaces that interface.) But for playing media already on your Apple TV or in iTunes, Remote is tough to beat.

Remote is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch running the iPhone 2.0 software update.

(Via PC World: Latest Technology News)

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Apple will sell one million iPhones this weekend!

Analyst: Apple will sell one million iPhones this weekend

Can you say “ca-ching”? RBC analyst Mike Abramsky is predicting that Apple will sell over one million iPhone 3Gs this weekend. According to Silicon Alley Insider, the analyst says there’s “pent up demand,” the phones are $400 cheaper (at least in the U.S.), and instead of a single carrier and single country, Apple is now selling the iPhone via 28 carriers, in 22 countries.

Abramsky estimates that Apple’s initial iPhone 3G production is around 1.5 million units, “possibly insufficient for global channel fill.” Even if he’s correct and iPhone 3G sales are through the roof, many other potential buyers will wait for the holiday season before buying the device, according to an Information Week report.

While there’s little doubt that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will be in stores Friday to be among the first to own the device, these early adopters are not reflective of the overall attitude of mainstream consumers, so says a survey conducted this month by the Solutions Research Group, the article says.
“While there is no question there will be lots of people in stores on Friday, even Apple is not immune to the way people are feeling about the economy,” Laura Lee Gambee, an SRG spokeswoman, told Information Week in an e-mail.

The same survey showed that 66 percent of Americans are “really concerned” about rising gas and energy prices, and “in that light, perhaps it’s not surprising to see that most seem to want to wait and see till Xmas or later,” Gambee said.

(Via macsimumnews)Posted by Dennis Sellers.

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iPhone 3G in Stock in most Stores Saturday, Activation back up, time to get in line (again)

iPhone 3G in Stock in most Stores Saturday, Activation back online

If you have avoided the first day iPhone 3G on sale frenzy you did the right thing. Apple’s activation servers went down and spoiled the first day iPhone 3G owner experience for many. The servers seem now up again and hopefully stay up during the next days.

Apple publishes each evening the iPhone 3G stock for its Apple Stores throughout the nation and the stock situation looks pretty good for Saturday.

In California only four stores have no iPhone 3G inventory. All San Francisco stores are stocked with the new iPhone. The New York City stores are also all marked with all iPhone 3G models in stock.
More details on the Apple Retail Availability page.

It is not clear if AT&T stores will have stock again. Lots of them sold out on Friday according to Engadget.

In the UK the iPhone 3G is totally sold out. O2 informs on their site that they work with Apple to get on a weekly basis new iPhone 3G phones in and that by the end of Summer all people who want an iPhone 3G will get one.

(Via I4U News)

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iPod Touch Software Upgrade Finally Available

iPod Touch Software Upgrade Finally Available

That’s right, you plug in your iPod and hit the update button. If you have been obsessively punching update only to be frustrated all day, now is the time to stay up much later than you had planned and play. Enjoy.

(Via The Apple Blog)

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