Cool iPhone 3G cases

Marware’s iPhone 3G cases shipping

Marware is shipping six new iPhone 3G cases that are now shipping. The C.E.O. Glide (shown) is a US$24.99 case that’s constructed of firm-textured Nappa leather. The sleeve exposes virtually none of the iPhone and uses a dual-purpose strap system that both secures your iPhone and helps remove it from the case.
The $34.99 C.E.O. Premiere is a leather hip case designed to offer both protection and quick access. The $29.99 C.E.O. Flip Vue is a Nappa leather flip-top holster case.
The $34.99 Sportsuit Convertible is the a sport armband that “transforms” into three cases: an armband case, a clip-on case for a belt or shoulder strap, or a slim profile sleeve for an extra layer of protection in a pocket, gym bag, backpack or purse. All of these carrying solutions come with a clear protective film, microfiber cleaning cloth and the Marware lifetime guarantee.

(Via macsimumnews)

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