Still a HUGE line in NYC

Just flew in to New York city, the city so nice they named it twice (david letterman).
I figured the iPhone hype would have died down a tad but NO. At 4:45pm on Sat. July 12th this is what the line looked like…..massive. I am here a few days, I hope to get in the GD Cube and get my iPhone!

How was your iPhone quest, I would love to hear and share some stories!


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2 responses to “Still a HUGE line in NYC

  1. kema71

    oh my! With Bon Jovi getting ready to perform in Central Park at the same time, what are all of these people doing wasting time in line at the Apple Store???? Bon Jovi rules. Period.

  2. 50,000 in Central Park and the rest are at the Apple store. I am going to Legally Blonde….not! (do people still say that?)

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