iPhone second day delays

iPhone second day delays
B6E88422-8BB0-461E-8B57-698D04A7558C.jpgSix and one-half hours in line at the Apple Store, added to the three hours spent waiting in line at at AT&T store, only to be told that they had run out. Is the white, 16 gig iPhone 3G worth it? Totally. The excitement felt by Ralphie upon receipt of his Red Ryder BB gun is comparable.

Although demand will begin to fall off as time goes on, there are a few tips for eager iPhone fans who have yet to get their hands on one of these amazing devices:

  • Check ahead of time at the Apple Retail iPhone Site. Knowing which store has the model you want is crucial.
  • Follow the rules for business plans. If you have any type of discount on your AT&T plan, dial 611 and have them remove it. Otherwise, Apple can not finish the activation, and you’ve just wasted several hours.
  • Bring everything listed on the iPhone site. Things like a credit card, social security number, and previous account number if you are porting from a carrier other than AT&T.  If you don’t, you’re going to waste your time.
  • Bring the primary accountholder with you (if you aren’t it). AT&T does not authorize non-primary members to make account changes, such as phone upgrades. The same rule applies to Apple.
  • The Authorization Servers, despite best efforts, are still struggling. East Coast users who activate right at 8 am will have better luck, but as the rest of the country comes online, things will begin to slow down.
  • Be prepared to wait. Bring entertainment. At the Fair Oaks Apple Store in Virginia, the most popular diversions were a video iPod or a Kindle. 7 hours of watching mall traffic gets boring quickly.
  • Got kids? Have one spouse in line, one spouse out. Your kids will appreciate the change in scenery, and others in line will appreciate the break.

Good luck – and happy waiting!

(Via Appletell)

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