Over 10M App Store downloads; devs cheating?

Over 10M App Store downloads; devs cheating?
1044D3B4-87C0-4C19-8724-3DBC57DA807C.jpgOver 10 million downloads have been made from the newly-launched iTunes App Store, according to Apple. The company also notes that the amount of software has already increased since the store’s Thursday debut, from approximately 500 apps to over 800. Of these, some 90 percent are said to be less than $10, including 200 free ones like AIM and Remote. The company has not so far identified how many downloads to date have been of free software, or what categories are the most popular.
Reports meanwhile suggest that some developers are deliberately altering the names of applications to gain rank at the App Store. By placing a space or a symbol such as a quotation mark in front their title, it is believed that companies can force apps to the front of the alphabetical listings, increasing visibility. One of the worst offenders is said to be Jirbo, whose Jirbo Break and Jirbo Avatar are even listed ahead of titles like 105 Classics and AIM.

(Via MacNN)

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