The 25 best free apps for Apple iPhone, iPod touch

The 25 best free apps for Apple iPhone, iPod touch
Apple has launched its app store and there’s a bunch of great stuff to download for your iPhone [and iPod touch]. But not everybody wants to spend their hard earned cash on applications so I’ve put together a list of twenty five of my favorite free iPhone applications,” Jim Lynch writes for ExtremeTech.

Lynch’s favorite 25 free iPhone apps—plus a special bonus application:
#25 Save Benjis
#24 Baseball
#23 VoiceNotes
#22 Truveo Video Search
#21 Weight Tracker
#20 Remote
#19 Epocrates Rx
#18 Mobile Banking
#17 TypePad
#16 The New York Times
#15 SmugShot
#14 Where
#13 Mobile News Network
#12 Shazam
#11 eBay Mobile
#10 Eventful
#9 Salesforce Mobile
#8 Evernote
7# WeatherBug
#6 AIM
#5 Google Mobile App
#4 Facebook
#3 Twitterrific
#2 eReader
#1 PhoneSaber
Bonus Application: Light

Full article with descriptions of the apps here.

(Via MacDailyNews)


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