iPhone 2.0.1 Software on the way?

iPhone Device Software 2.0.1 on the way?


Every once in a while, we have a slow enough day at the BGR HQ that we sometimes put on our “nerd glasses” and peruse our web server logs for some nitty gritty information. As we are a fairly popular gadget and technology blog, (no, we’re not declaring war) it seems like a popular ‘first destination’ for many people who have loaded up the latest beta OS for an existing device or even unreleased devices not yet on the market.


Needless to say, over the last few days, we have noticed some interesting build numbers for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. It appears that AT&T and Apple are testing iPhone device software version 2.0.1, builds 5B101 (iPhone) and 5B103 (iPhone 3G). Although we are not certain of much more information than this little bit, we do know that testing began prior to the launch of device software 2.0 and the iPhone 3G on July 11th. We have also narrowed down the known test users to the San Francisco (40 mins from Cupertino) and Atlanta (HQ of AT&T Mobility) areas. Hmm.

Regardless, this shows that Apple has a nice headstart on what will likely be the first major update to the iPhone 3G… and perhaps we’ll even get an official iChat client!

(Via The Boy Genius Report)


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5 responses to “iPhone 2.0.1 Software on the way?

  1. When I first read your post, it reminded me of the Far Side cartoon in which the tech sales rep was calling back to the main office and declared “Put some more bugs in the software, I’m making a killing out here!”

    A perfect product would never need an upgrade.

  2. Sorry, make that Dilbert, not Farside.

  3. It is interesting that even with the trouble with activation, buggy software and a 3-8 hour wait – people 4 days later are still in line ready to get the flawed item????? The only product in history to do this.

  4. Every product release is like that, it’s the consumer that thinks they are buying a perfect product. And always amazed when they are let down. Demand covers a multitude of sins.

    There are a lot of marketing lessons to be learned from the iPod and iPhone go-to-market strategies .

  5. Very true…
    As sooo many people/reports have said “it is very un-apple”

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