iPhone Software 2.0 cripples the camera app

iPhone Software 2.0 cripples the camera app

The new iPhone Software 2.0 has effectively crippled the camera for some users on both the original and 3G iPhones. They report that it takes a full six seconds between the time the camera application launches and when the digital shutter opens to allow a photo to be taken. This has made the iPhone’s camera somewhat useless for users that want to take spontaneous photos.
Other users are reporting misbehavior of their accelerometer is also having an adverse affect on photos. adrianc1982 writes, “my accelerometer always thinks Im in landscape mode, in safari, photos, games and calculator. It’s so annoying and i cant even get it to work temporaly like you guys. Games are a nightmare for me and Safari going into landscape mode is really getting annoying. I have to take photos upside down to have a photo show up in portrait mode. Posted by Dave Merten

(Via macsimumnews)

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