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A Review of Facebook app for iPhone

Apple Gazette – Facebook for iPhone – Review

I’m a fairly casual user of Facebook. I don’t spend just huge amounts of time on it…just long enough to get on, see what my friends are up to, and go on about my business. So, for me, the brilliant Facebook webapp was absolutely perfect. Simple to navigate, pretty well loaded with features, it was exactly what I needed to satiate my social networking fix. With the web app, I had access to virtually anything I could do on Facebook. The native app, however, takes huge steps backward in the way of functionality.

Gone is the ability to write on walls. Gone is the ability to look at users’ photos. Gone is ability to look at any interests, events, or personal information whatsoever. There is the ability to take a picture and upload it directly, but shouldn’t you be able to choose from pics that are already in your Camera Roll as well? One positive note, though…Facebook chat is an added feature. I don’t use it regularly, and I really feel like any IM app won’t be worthwhile until push goes live for developers in a couple of months. But to each his own.

All in all, the Facebook app is a surprisingly crippled venture from a company that released what was (and is) one of the best iPhone webapps around. Unless you’re jonesing to use Chat, there’s no reason to download this until it’s vastly improved.

(Via Apple Gazette)


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38 New Apple iWeb and Rapidweaver Templates and Themes

38 New Apple iWeb and Rapidweaver Templates and Themes

iWebTemplate has collaborated with Jumsoft, iPresentee and 11Mystics to bring you a growing collection of 38 Apple iWeb templates and RapidWeaver themes. These templates are available to use in creating websites, blogs, and podcasts complete with photos, movies, and music.

More Info HERE

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Amazon Video on Demand Service is Mac-friendly

Amazon Video on Demand Service is Mac-friendly

TUAW – Back in 2006 we covered the launch of the Amazon Unbox video service which was then being pitched as the best alternative to the iTunes Store. There was one big problem: it didn’t support Macs. Now, finally, Amazon is starting to rectify the situation with their new Amazon Video on Demand Service. PC Magazine has a First Look at the Service and, sure enough, it now supports Macs.

It appears that the new service will be similar to Netflix’s streaming (which does not support the Mac, though they have promised it a long time ago) in that you’ll be able to watch 40,000 movies and television shows in your browser. Unlike Netflix, however, the content will be priced individually with no subscription options. The video will be streamed with Flash 9.

Unfortunately, the program is still in beta and Amazon apparently has enough testers at the moment. However, you can sign up for their beta mailing list if you want to get in the next time they issue invitations.

(Via (TUAW))

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Fans drool over iPhone, but ask for more – Reuters

Fans drool over iPhone, but ask for moreBy Sinead Carew
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Enthusiastic new iPhone owners are starting to sound like the cast of long-running stage musical: “I Love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

Only days after snapping up the latest iPhone, they still glow over their purchase — but already are brainstorming ideas Steve Jobs could use for Apple Inc’s next iPhone.

In comparison to last year’s model, the latest iPhone’s snappier Web speeds, better sound quality, location-aware navigation, and third-party application store left new owners with no doubts that waiting in line for hours was worth it.

But even the happiest among them offered tips for improvements for the iPhone — at heart a powerful computer and communications device — as well as reasons why it won’t completely replace other gear such as BlackBerrys or laptops.

Some of the gripes appeared easy to fix, while others may take a bit more work by Apple engineers.

A common one was about the inability to copy and paste text on the iPhone. Users of the Research in Motion BlackBerry or Palm Inc’s Treo can easily copy numbers or text from an e-mail and send them to a friend on the go.

“I’m still very confused why they don’t let you copy and paste on the phone,” said Nick Divers, 22, of New York, an aspiring filmmaker who traded his Treo for an iPhone. “I’ve upgraded to a better product that can’t do one simple thing.”

Shervin Pishevar, 34, head of Social Gaming Network, said the lack of copy and paste was a reason why he stopped using the first iPhone about three months after he bought it.

Read More HERE

(Via Reuters)

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Don’t have a new iPhone 3G? You could be waiting two to four weeks!

iPhone 3G shortage to last two to four weeks, analyst says
D3957FC6-9005-496B-AA0C-4E3E7C2887EC.jpgCustomers looking for an iPhone 3G may have to wait up to a month for Apple to boost its orders with suppliers and refill the pipeline, a Wall Street analyst said Thursday.

Meanwhile, current inventories continue to be tight at the company’s retail stores, with just over a quarter of them having iPhones to sell Thursday.

“I bet we’ll see these problems for another two to four weeks,” said Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray & Co., referring to his estimate of the lead time necessary for Apple to increase orders from its suppliers and restock the depleted iPhone inventory. “Early demand has been more than they expected [because] they knocked it out of the park on the first weekend.”

The iPhone 3G continues to be in short supply, according to Apple’s own stock-checking tool, which it makes available to customers after 9 p.m. local time each day.

As of 1 a.m. EDT Thursday, 50 of Apple’s 188 retail stores, or 27 percent, showed iPhone 3Gs available for sale. Wednesday, Computerworld checks found 48 stores, or 26 percent of the total in the U.S., claiming in-stock iPhones.

However, 13 stores said they had all three models of the iPhone 3G in stock: the 8GB version in black, and the 16GB version in both white and black. Wednesday, only nine stores had all three for sale.

The hardest-to-find iPhone 3G remained the $299 black 16GB model, which is available Thursday in only 18 stores, or 9.6 percent of the outlets. Supplies of the $199 8GB iPhone 3G plummeted in the last 24 hours, according to Apple’s inventory tool: 24 stores reported it as available Thursday (12.8 percent of the 188 in the U.S.) compared to 42 stores that said it was in stock Wednesday (22.3 percent).

Apple’s $299 white 16GB iPhone 3G is available at more stores—46, or 24.5 percent of the total—than either of the black models.

Munster echoed comments made yesterday by another analyst, Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research, when he said Apple underestimated initial demand. And that’s not how it played out last year. “There were outages last year, but not to this extent,” Munster said, comparing the current situation with the launch last June of the first-generation iPhone. “This is a more sustained outage, and the demand seems to be sustained.”

Last year, Munster said, there was an initial spike, but then demand tapered off, allowing Apple to replenish its inventory.

Also different this year, was the multiple market rollout of the iPhone 3G. Apple and its network operator partners started selling the second-generation phone in 21 countries Friday, and it goes on sale in France Thursday. In 2007, the iPhone was initially available only in the U.S.

“Sales internationally have taken inventory away from the U.S.,” Munster noted.

AT&T’s 1,200 retail stores are also nearly out of the iPhone, the U.S. carrier said Wednesday. “As we’re able to start restocking our stores, we will do so as fast as we can,” company spokesman Wes Warnock said Tuesday.

(Via Macworld)

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RSS feeds keep you updated on all Apple app news

App Store RSS feeds keep you updated on all your app news

Pinch Media LogoThe launch of Apple’s new App Store has been a great success for both Apple and iPhone users. With over 10 million downloads already, it is only going to get better because more apps are being added everyday. Pinch Media wants to help keep you on top of these new apps with their new RSS feeds. For that reason, they have created two new RSS feeds, one that will keep you updated with new applications and one that will remind you about updates applications.

In addition to these two feeds are the top 100 free applications and the top 100 paid applications. Pinch Media assures users that the feeds will grow as more applications are added and updated in the App Store. They are also promising that these feeds will remain free of charge for users. I have already subscribed, will you?

Via [Pinch Media
Via Appletell)

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Amazon launches video streaming store

Amazon launches video streaming store
3BDCDDA4-F274-4321-BF4B-581C090B9585.jpgAmazon.com is introducing a new online store of TV shows and movies, called Amazon Video on Demand.
Customers of Amazon’s new store will be able to start watching any of 40,000 movies and television programs immediately after ordering them, according to a report in the New York Times.

The service is different from most internet video stores, such as Apple’s iTunes and the original incarnation of Amazon’s video

Amazon could not be immediately reached for comment.

Amazon has also struck a deal with electronics giant Sony to place its internet video store on the Sony Bravia line of high-definition TVs, the paper claims.

Amazon will pursue similar deals with other makers of TVs and internet devices, claims Bill Carr, Amazon’s vice president for digital media.

Amazon Video on Demand will be accessible to a limited number of invited Amazon.com customers today before it opens more broadly to other users later this summer.

If past history is anything to by, British viewers will have to wait even longer to access the store. Amazon’s DRM-free MP3 store has still to cross the Atlantic, despite repeated promises of a European launch. The company’s eBook reader, Kindle, also remains a US-only product.


(Via MacUser news)

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iPhone application crashes: preventing and fixing

iPhone application crashes: preventing and fixing

A number of users report crashes from various iPhone applications, both Apple-supplied and third-party. The most common iPhone crash is one where the application you are working in suddenly ceases operation, the screen momentarily turns black, then the iPhone home screen appears. In a slightly more serious manifestation, the crash will result in a complete freeze where the iPhone is unresponsive.

Sometimes, when an application crashes, it will refuse to properly launch thenceforth, crashing immediately after its icon is tapped.

Generally, one of the three following procedures will resolve this issue. Try them in order.

Full reboot Perform a hard reboot of your iPhone as follows: Turn the iPhone off completely, by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the device) for a few seconds then slide the red slider. Turn it back on by holding the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears. This can clear potentially problematic data, preventing some crash-types.

Restore the iPhone Try performing a restore of your iPhone. Connect it to your Mac or PC and, in iTunes, click the Restore button under the Summary tab. Restoring the phone will erase contacts, calendars, photos and other data on the phone, but will restore automatically backed-up information including text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, etc.

Reinstall the application

  • Touch and hold any application icon the icons begin to shake.
  • Tap the “x” in the corner of the application you want to delete.
  • Tap Delete.
  • Press the Home button.
  • Download the application again, either from your iPhone or your desktop computer (there will be no additional charge for the redownload)

If an application freezes or becomes unresponsive, force-quit it by holding down the home button for several seconds. This can eliminate problematic or hung processes that might be draining the battery.

To prevent future crashes, keep adequate free space on the iPhone’s internal memory. Like its desktop relative Mac OS X, the iPhone’s OS X operating system needs some head-room on the internal flash memory in order to operate properly. Try keeping at least 10% of the total space free to potentially prevent some crashes in applications, freezes and other problems.

As a last resort, go to the Settings application, tap General then select the Erase All Content and Settings. This will delete all media and data on the iPhone, as well as recent calls, etc., and all other settings. If you perform this operation and stop experiencing crashes, you might have problematic data being synchronized to the iPhone that is automatically put back when the phone is restored. In this case, you might want to go to iTunes, select Preferences from the File menu, then iPhone and delete your backed up iPhone settings — this includes text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings. Again, one or more of these data might be problematic.

Finding out what caused crashes Just like Mac OS X, the iPhone generates crash reports when things go wrong. These files are sent back to your computer whenever the iPhone is connected and synchronized with iTunes. In Mac OS X, they’re located in /Library/Logs/Crashreporter/MobileDevice/.

(Via iPhone Atlas)

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Apple, third largest PC vendor in the U.S

Analysts See Tough Times Ahead for PC Makers
6B68A359-5B4D-45BB-9944-99EB5EBD6E99.jpgApple is moving up the charts, toppling Acer to become the third largest PC vendor in the U.S., according to a survey from Gartner.

Apple defied a weakening economy to record a 38.1 percent growth rate in U.S. PC shipments, according to Gartner. Overall PC shipments in the U.S. grew just 4.2 percent to 16.5 million units during the quarter.

The company shipped 1.4 million units compared to Acer’s 1.33 million, according to Gartner’s survey. Dell held the top spot, shipping 5.25 million units and growing 11.9 percent year-over-year, followed by HP.

IDC also released a survey on Wednesday that had Apple and Acer running neck and neck.

Apple is witnessing unit growth across the board with both desktops and laptops doing well, said David Daoud, research manager at IDC. “They seem to have a good balance of products.”

The second quarter is typically big for Apple, Daoud said. “That’s when they are inking relationships and selling to educational institutions ahead of the back-to-school season,” Daoud said.

In a mass market dominated by sensitive budgets and buyers, Apple is catering to specific buyers who are immune from the economic slowdown.

“The mindshare that company is significant. Not only among consumers, but small-to-medium businesses and even enterprises are looking at Apple hardware.”

At the same token, budgetary constraints may make it hard for consumers to switch to high-priced Apple PCs, Daoud said.

The company is expected to sustain its growth in the U.S. in the upcoming quarters, Daoud said. Its PC shipments among students going back to school is expected to be strong in the third quarter. Apple may also find PC buyers who are unhappy with the “lack of innovation” in the PC market, Daoud said.

“[Windows] Vista may be helpful, but it is not resonating with consumers at the moment,” he said.

Apple has a small market worldwide compared to HP and Dell, but it represents an opportunity to grow. The company is showing good growth in Japan, where it shipped 130,000 PC units in the first quarter of 2008, according to Daoud.

(Via Latest Technology News)

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Ya all, Texas Sold Out of iPhones

Texas Sold Out of iPhones


Everything is bigger in Texas. Well, except the supply of iPhones apparently as a rumor is floating around the Lone Star State that the entire state has sold out of the new 3G model. With lines still spotted at many Apple stores, it seems some of the retail outlets have come up with a somewhat eh solution by handing out little cards that indicate you’ve landed on the waiting list. Surely a quite reassuring gesture for antsy pantsy iPhone fans.

(Via Truemors)

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