Fans drool over iPhone, but ask for more – Reuters

Fans drool over iPhone, but ask for moreBy Sinead Carew
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Enthusiastic new iPhone owners are starting to sound like the cast of long-running stage musical: “I Love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

Only days after snapping up the latest iPhone, they still glow over their purchase — but already are brainstorming ideas Steve Jobs could use for Apple Inc’s next iPhone.

In comparison to last year’s model, the latest iPhone’s snappier Web speeds, better sound quality, location-aware navigation, and third-party application store left new owners with no doubts that waiting in line for hours was worth it.

But even the happiest among them offered tips for improvements for the iPhone — at heart a powerful computer and communications device — as well as reasons why it won’t completely replace other gear such as BlackBerrys or laptops.

Some of the gripes appeared easy to fix, while others may take a bit more work by Apple engineers.

A common one was about the inability to copy and paste text on the iPhone. Users of the Research in Motion BlackBerry or Palm Inc’s Treo can easily copy numbers or text from an e-mail and send them to a friend on the go.

“I’m still very confused why they don’t let you copy and paste on the phone,” said Nick Divers, 22, of New York, an aspiring filmmaker who traded his Treo for an iPhone. “I’ve upgraded to a better product that can’t do one simple thing.”

Shervin Pishevar, 34, head of Social Gaming Network, said the lack of copy and paste was a reason why he stopped using the first iPhone about three months after he bought it.

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