RSS feeds keep you updated on all Apple app news

App Store RSS feeds keep you updated on all your app news

Pinch Media LogoThe launch of Apple’s new App Store has been a great success for both Apple and iPhone users. With over 10 million downloads already, it is only going to get better because more apps are being added everyday. Pinch Media wants to help keep you on top of these new apps with their new RSS feeds. For that reason, they have created two new RSS feeds, one that will keep you updated with new applications and one that will remind you about updates applications.

In addition to these two feeds are the top 100 free applications and the top 100 paid applications. Pinch Media assures users that the feeds will grow as more applications are added and updated in the App Store. They are also promising that these feeds will remain free of charge for users. I have already subscribed, will you?

Via [Pinch Media
Via Appletell)

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