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Google.com updates for the iPhone

Picture 5.pngAs you probably know, Google launched an iPhone App “Google Mobile App” last week which you can install on your iPhone or iTouch.
Well Google loves to keep improving their product so this week they did just that with a new version of Google.com for the iPhone & iTouch.

One new google goodie is the ability to access any Google Application tab by putting them on your iPhone Home screen. (pinch me)

Check out their website HERE for all the details and a nice little video explaining all the new features!


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China gets an Apple Store, Billions of people can’t wait to line up!

DA013264-0202-4BCC-A547-DDF8D1699EE9.jpgSaturday morning the first Apple store in China was opened to hundreds who lined up the night before to be the first customers in Beijing.

Of course with the Apple store just arriving in China many speculate the iphone is just around the corner, the same place many people will be waiting in another line for that day!

Apple Senior Vice President of Retail Ron Johnson mentioned that a second Beijing location will open in 2009 in Qianmen. He also said the company will open Apple Stores in “Shanghai and beyond,” but did not specify dates or locations.

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iPhone 3G Dock and Dock Adapters

Picture 4.pngYou stood in that long line and finally got your beloved iPhone 3G… well, now it’s time for some new Accessories. You know the ones that used to come free with every shiny new iPhone…. you can pick up that previously included iPhone 3G Dock for $29 HERE.

Keep close tabs on that power cable that came with your iPhone, one does NOT come with the dock.

And if you need some handy iPhone 3G Universal Dock Adapters, they come 3 to a Pack for only $9. Get them HERE.

Time to rock out with your dock out!

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