A new Face for Facebook

Looks like Facebook got a facelift (the cheesiest line ever written)

According to their blog the new features are:

A simplified top menu: we’ve moved the Applications menu from the left side of the page to the top menu, giving everyone a little more space to breathe. You can access all of the usual links through the menus for “Profile” “Friends” “Applications” and “Inbox”. The Search box has moved to the right side of the top menu.

Tabbed Profiles: The new profile keeps everything organized through tabs. The Wall tab features the most recent content by you and your friends. The Info tab features personal information like contact info and your interests. The Photos tab showcases photos of you and your albums, and the Boxes tab is home to all your application boxes. You can add new tabs to feature your favorite applications.

The new Wall: The new Wall tab integrates the most recent content you’ve added, recent actions you’ve taken, and recent posts and comments from friends. You can enlarge, shrink, or remove posts entirely in order to feature your favorites.

The Publisher Box: The Publisher box—at the top of your Wall tab—is a new central location for adding photos, notes, videos, application content, updating your status, and so on. Anything you add will immediately appear on your Wall.

New Application Interactions: instead of needing to “add” an application, you now can “allow it access” and use it for a little while before deciding to add it to your profile, allow it to publish posts on your behalf, and so on.

So if your a Facebook fan —–>
Check out the new Facebook

(Via Facebook Blog)


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