Last one is a rotten egg…iPhone 3G-old news dude!

July 23rd 9:58am MARK.
That is the time I FINALLY purchased a black, 16GB iPhone 3G.

I spent 5 days in NYC, checking that damn cube everyday and there never was a line shorter than a 3 hour wait.

So the dilemma – spend hours in line or go see the greatest city in the world?
I chose the latter and had a great time but returned home iPhone 3G free.
Until today, after checking the availability of Apple stores close to me and finally seeing an opportunity, I pounced. A week and five days later……but I pounced!

Even now, after days of selling these little guys the Apple employees acted like it was their first day. Very unorganized and taking WAY to long with each customer. Will they EVER learn?

So my first impressions are like the countless others who have reported on this for way too many days:
Yellow screen-check, trouble syncing-check, old case doesn’t fit-check, old dock doesn’t fit-check…..tell me again why I bought this thing????

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