More news on Steve Jobs health

According to The New York Times – Steve Jobs did have surgery earlier this year but reassured several people he is doing well and cancer free – The New York Times is reporting:
“Rumors of Steven P. Jobs’s ill health have been greatly exaggerated.

That is what Mr. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, has been telling a number of his associates, even as concerns about his health have weighed on the company’s stock price.

The latest flurry of talk was set off on Monday when, in a conference call after the release of Apple’s earnings, a company executive responded to a question about Mr. Jobs’s condition by saying that it was “a private matter.”

But in recent weeks, Mr. Jobs has reassured several people that he is doing well and that four years after a successful operation to treat a rare form of pancreatic cancer, he is cancer free.”

(read full Article HERE)

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