Great iPhone 3G cover!

32DE1876-066B-42E3-94AE-5EDC9F0E8D59.jpgThe Revo2 for the iPhone 3G is ready to protect your new baby! Check it out HERE.

For my first iPhone I went with an incase cover. It worked well but after awhile it stretched out and caused some scratching on the back and sides of my iPhone.

So after talking with a few people and reading some reviews, I turned to the Revo case. (blue if you are wondering)
It was great as long as you don’t have to take it off too often.(very snug)

Now that I successfully acquired my new iPhone 3G, I was looking for another case but there was nothing at the Apple store that caught my eye. So, I am happy to report the NEW Revo2 for 3G is now out and I can’t wait to get my new case in a few days! (black this time)

What cases have you used? Which ones can you recommend? Which ones can you warn people about?

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