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New MacBook Rumor: Glass trackpad?

8D90B3AC-5953-44FB-81DA-FA7ECEC3017E.jpgSeth Weintraub is reporting some interesting rumors about the NEW MacBook and MacBook Pros which are due out the last weeks of Sept. (keep in mind this is a rumor)

Insiders are saying the new ones will be thinner, more rounded and the track pad will be made of glass, what? Glass. Body constructed from one piece of eco-friendly aluminum.

Very interesting news, as I have stated numerous times before – I need a new Laptop! Come on Apple release something.

(Get all the info HERE)

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MobileMe Status – up to date and sad

Apparently due to the not so stellar roll-out of MobileMe and the fact people are not getting their e-mail – you can now see the status updates HERE. So now you can find out if me.com is working.

A statement from todays update: “restoring full email access to the remaining 1% of MobileMe users is our first priority. ”

Let’s hope the next priority is to fix the iphone 2.0 software!!!

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Cuil – Google killer?

Picture 17.pngThere’s a new Search engine in town and it’s name is Cuil – pronounced “cool.”- launched today with 120 billion web pages – more than or any other search engine including Google.

Team Cuil consists of 3 ex-Google big wigs that wanted to make a better search engine.

Google is HUGE and I’m sure is not too worried but it is nice to have a choice!

Try it yourself: http://www.cuil.com/


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The Wii is strong with this one – The Wii Laser Sword

Picture 16.png

The Wii Laser Sword add-on will give you a more tactile experience kicking some Vadar ass! A motion detection sensor will light up when you move the sword! It’s only useful with a few games but still looks like fun. No price announced yet. Stay tuned.


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The #1 Free iPhone Game – Labyrinth

Picture 15.png
The #1 FREE Game for the iPhone & iPod Touch July 28th 2008:

Control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. the FREE – Lite edition has 10 playable levels.
Get it HERE.

I have been playing this for a few days and it’s a lot of fun. I found it very useful during long meeting.

Now that it has me hooked, I will be getting the paid version which has over 500 levels and will run me $6.99. Get it HERE.

Have fun!

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