Apple’s silence is Deafening! – NetShare’s side of the story….

73D5F0BE-867F-44A5-AE0E-07CB0C96E5B7.jpgAfter the MobileMe debacle and the iPhone 3G in-store activation fiasco, now Apple is giving iPhone Apps developers the silent treatment……

Come on Apple, what gives???

For a long time Apple supporter and dare I say it, Fanboy, I am starting to get a sick feeling in my gut about the direction Apple seems to be going.

We have all had run-ins with Apple’s “customer service”. I personally spent three days on the phone trying to exchange an 24″ iMac after two previous ones were defective. (I gave up and got a MacPro)

But what is going on now? This behavior is not the Apple that I know, or thought I knew. Apple has made lots of mistakes in the past along with lots of amazing products, software and hardware. When something went wrong, they eventually took the blame and corrected the problem, at their expense.(usually)

In the last few months, it seems Apple is hiding behind their huge wall of cash, oblivious to what we, the consumers, are going through.

Enough of my rant, here is what nullriver is going through – Posted on their site today:


We still haven’t gotten any answer from Apple as to why NetShare was removed from the App Store. Calls to ADC yield wait times of a few hours and we’re forced to give up. E-mails to various contacts at Apple and the developer program have also given us no response. Is this acceptable business practice? We don’t think so. When an application fails to be approved or even more importantly so, when an application gets removed from sale, Apple should be required to provide a valid reason.”

I agree with Giles Turnbull from tuaw, He writes: “What makes this more extraordinary is that developers of App Store products are not just developers; they are an income stream. Thirty per cent of the money we pay for every app goes directly to Apple, that’s how the App Store works.

It’s a deal, and deals work in two directions. Both sides get something. In this case, Apple gets software to offer to users of its exciting new platform. And the developers get access to a secure online distribution system, including payment processing, hosting, everything they need to sell their work.

Deals make partnerships, and partnerships (even unequal 30/70 ones) ought to work both ways. Apple expects (and has a right to expect) developers to behave themselves and act within the rules it has laid down. But in return, developers expect (and have every right to expect) Apple to be a responsible, indeed responsive store owner. At the very least, they have the right to know whether or not Apple considers their work suitable for sale in the Store, and to be told why it has been withdrawn. Then reinstated. Then withdrawn again. And so on.”

A deal is a deal! Come on Apple you are better than that!

Picture Credit:
Tara Douglas

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