Pictures of Apple’s new MacBook?!?

Extra, extra, get you MacBook rumors hot of the press!

5B10AE41-B452-43F5-A1B1-D0CA8445F09C.jpgEngadget has some pics of what might be the NEW MacBooks that are expected later this month.

They are reporting: “The text clearly reads MacBook, which falls right in line with rumors that the next iteration of the smaller laptops would be aluminum just like their big brothers. Right now it’s anyone’s guess if these pics are legit or not — but you can be sure we’ll be keeping a close watch on this one as these pictures emanate from the same site carrying the last supposed leak.”

You never know, the leaked iPhone pictures were spot on. We will wait and see!


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4 responses to “Pictures of Apple’s new MacBook?!?

  1. Now what I’m interested is the specs! Looks sweet and I’m hoping for even more of a surprise when they announce the specs!
    What do you think will be most surprising about this new MacBook???


    2 More Pics…


  2. I too want some specs! I hope it does surprise me with tons of HD space, lots of RAM and maybe a Blue-Ray Drive – I just hope it comes out soon, I need a new MacBook!

  3. Indeed…
    But I have such high expectations for Apple that now, if they don’t announce something incredibly amazing, I get disappointed 😛
    So, just a new look, bigger HD, RAM, and faster processor just wouldn’t cut it for me (anymore).


  4. I would love to see some real innovation but after the iPhone 3G – not improving the camera, still no video capture, No cut & paste etc….my expectations are low…(sad to say) But I will cross my fingers!

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