Apple event in Sept. – New MacBooks, iPods, oh my

6BA3AFC9-D9BF-4F14-9B13-547068B6223F.jpgPiper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is predicting new Macs and iPods will be introduced at a special event in September.

There is no inside info, press release or smoke signals coming from Apple to confirm this but hey, we love a good Apple rumor!

So Mr. Munster is predicting that Apple will have a redesigned MacBook that might be around the $999 plus a redesigned MacBook Pro. (no price on that one) 
The shuffle and iPod nano will have more storage and the iPod touch could be redesigned and will be cheaper at $199.

Other things seen in the crystal Ball were:

That Touchscreen Mac that everyone wants, wont be out until 2010. (damn)
A smaller Macbook Air will come out in 2009.

Get more info HERE

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