New Apple Cinema Displays not until 2009?

735F865F-2194-4479-90F9-BC74BEB45D98.jpgIf it feels like there hasn’t been an updated Cinema Display in years, well that’s because there hasn’t. Not since June 2004 to be exact.
The display that everyone wants, if they can afford it, wont be refreshed (updated) until the Macworld San Francisco 2009 conference which takes place between January 5th-9th, 2009.

I have been holding out buying a new Cinema Display hoping the rumors that have been going around for about two years now were true. The ones stating the new displays would have built in cameras, be bigger and come in black. All hope is not lost if I can only hold out for another 5-6 months.

According to MacRumors:
“MacRumors has heard that Apple is prepping for Cinema Display refreshes for at the Moscone Center. The new Cinema Displays are expected to incorporate LED backlights to fulfill Steve Jobs’ promise that Apple would completely eliminate flourescent-backlit displays. The transition timeframe depended on “how fast the industry [could] transition to LED backlighting for larger displays.”

While LED displays as large as 30″ are commercially available, they still appear to be cost prohibitive with Samsung’s 30″ LED display priced at $4735. We’re uncertain how this price discrepancy with Apple’s current displays will be reconciled.”

My fingers are crossed and checkbook is open!

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