Opening Ceremony Beijing Olympics – Video

!Updated! A lot of the links have been taking down or moved.

If you want to see the festivities on-line hours before it airs in the US. 

Check it out HERE  CNN HERE or on NBC HERE

Or watch it on your iPhone HERE

See The Closing Ceremony HERE

See the Medal Standings HERE

Michael Phelps brings home the first of his gold medals HERE

8 for 8 – Phelps makes History! HERE


They are AMAZING and should not be missed!!!


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27 responses to “Opening Ceremony Beijing Olympics – Video

  1. David

    That little boy who helped his classmates is a true hero. I am glad they put so much focus on him.

  2. Very frustrating that these Olympic games are in China. Why are we lending credence to such an oppressive regime?

  3. craver

    if this is a geek spot, please tell me what laptop with wireless internet should i get…?

  4. stushie

    Look beyond the Olympic games and research how freedom is being eradicated across China. the Communist Government is constantly repressing the Chinese people. This is all propoganda for a totalitarian state that would not even allow your blog to be seen in China.

  5. craver – I am partial to the mac, so personally, if I were to get a laptop with wireless abilities it would be a MacBook or MacBook pro. There are of course rumors about a new design coming soon so I would suggest to wait a few weeks and see what the new laptops can offer. 🙂

  6. pacer521


    I had a different perspective on the opening ceremony, thought you guys might want to check it out. Thanks, here’s the link:


  7. thanks for your links 🙂

  8. That was the most amazing opening ceremony yet. Of course it should be with the coin that was dropped! Glad to see some of these links with downloads…cool!

  9. ruben2008

    Humiliation and Olympics

    Don’t miss the article in The New York Review of Books and my comments in my new blog of course.

  10. rajendra Parmanik

    Nice Videos, now time to See The Difference Between Athjens Olympics And beijing Olynpics

  11. I can’t get over the beautiful architecture and also the athletes themselves! Thanks for the links.

  12. man180b

    Olimpics Beijing is a golden opportunity to let the Chinese people know that it’s time the stood up for their rights in the correct sense of the word. The whole world is watching. We all know that there is no democracy in China which means no human rights.

  13. sambalfootball7

    chk out
    4 those who love football

  14. Agree with some of commenters above. Why are we endorsing such a farce? Don’t we know what is happening behind the curtains. The human and environmental tragedies. These games strangely remind me of the Berlin games in 1936. Instead we should be supporting manifestations such as these:

  15. One of the best Olympics period!

  16. ..what aböut the closing ceremony in this night?
    see at

  17. Dexter's Faggotory

    The Beijing Olympics rocks, I heard it had costs over $58 billion. Whoa!

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