May the force be with….HEY! What happened to PhoneSaber???

The fourth app so far to have vanished from the iTunes App Store – PhoneSaber. (cue the Darth Vadar music)
If you weren’t lucky enough to download this free app while it was available, let me explain what you missed.
It was an app that simulated a lightsaber from the movie Star Wars! You could choose different colors for your saber and it would make the very distinct lightsaber sound effect when moved it to and fro, especially when you turned it on and off.
THQ Wireless is the company that owns the rights to the Star Wars development on cell phones and mobile gadgets. The word in the nerd blogosphere is that THQ will re-release a newer version with the guys that made the app. So there will be no disturbance in the Force!

My only question is how can the app iSaber still be available? Same sound effects, same idea. All I can say is go get this one before it disappears as well!

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