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Google translates! Google traduce! Google的翻譯!Google traduit!

Wow, this is very cool and handy! Now in Russian – Ого, это очень круто и удобно!

Google Translate helps you when your traveling, on your iPhone – Go to Google.com/m – click on More and then click Translate!


Or if you need to translate a word, phrase or paragraph at your desk – Click HERE


It can translate back and fourth in 24 languages!
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iTouch Rotating Alarm Clock…cool!

6B6DD109-4864-4334-8B15-76C1203549B5.jpgI have owned an iHome alarm clock/iPod player for about 2 years now and it has been great! So I was happy to see this new smaller 
“Rotating Alarm Clock” that just came out. My first thought was, this would be a great travel gadget so I could charge my iPhone on the road…woa, slow down turbo (I said to myself) After checking the compatibility, I was sad to see it wasn’t made for the iPhone. Other than that, it looks like a nice alarm clock for all the other iPods out there including the iTouch!
iH41BR Rotating Alarm Clock for iPod Touch and other iPods.
$79.99 You can get it HERE!

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