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X-Files iPod – The music is out there

16531EBA-15C8-4994-8BBD-91D318A3BCAE.jpgDo you love the The X-Files? It was a show back in the 1990’s, there was a movie….come on, the X-FILES!
If you do remember the show and are a fan, you need to get your conspiracy theorist hands on this Limited Edition X-Files Classic 80GB White iPod.

It comes Custom laser-etched with the officially licensed ‘X-Files’ artwork! Geek Alert, I love it! It is numbered and only a limited amount are available in this exclusive series. WOW, you have to get one!

It’s only $329.00, woaaaaa. What? 329 Dollars? Maybe I’m not that big of a fan. I will hold out for the Star Wars iPod!

You can get yours HERE


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