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1/100th of a second – Phelps wins 7th Gold

images-1.jpeg1/100th of a second, unbelievable! Phelps is amazing!

See Frame by Frame finish HERE

See it HERE!


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Simplify Media App Free – Listen to your music anywhere!

Picture 5.pngSimplify Media has come out with a great App for your iPhone!

It connects you to your music on your home computer from any WiFi location. Plus you can play music from your friends libraries as well!

It works on PC, MAC and Linux.

It’s free for the first 100,000 downloads, I got it last night (I was skeptical) but it worked like a charm, very cool!

Get it from iTunes HERE

Watch the youtube video for all the info. HERE

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New MacBook Air on the way?!?

F39DEEFE-A250-4D07-AFB6-2A4037B0D638.jpgApple is getting ready to unleash a NEW, revised MacBook Air into the world…soon. No exact dates yet.

The rumor is the design of the MacBook Air will remain untouched but as my Grandmother always told me, “It’s what’s inside that counts”. So this bad boy will come with a standard Penryn-class Core 2 Duo plus a higher-capacity battery.

The SSD prices will go down and hopefully the Hard-Drive will be increased to 120 -160 GB.

The MacBook Air will still come with No firewire ports, optical drive or removable battery but all that doesn’t seem to have hurt sales of this popular lightweight laptop!

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Monty Python Talking Black Knight Doll – Geek gift!

DB10D54A-503E-4AA6-83DE-F5D1F9C74EB7.jpgYou loved the movie and the musical now it’s time to re-enact your favorite scenes with this 14″ Black knight doll!

“You’ll love to torture him with his tear-off and stick-on arms and legs and hear him say “Tis nothing but a scratch” or the famous “I’ll bite your legs off!” quote. Character featured in Monty Python’s The Quest for the Holy Grail, and now famous in the touring play Spamalot. the Perfect gift for your favorite Monty Python fan-atic” – $29.99
Get yours HERE

And while your there, make sure to pick up a pair of KILLER rabbit slippers!!!

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Phelps wins sixth gold medal!

images.jpegSetting another world record in the 200m IM, Michael Phelps won his sixth gold medal of the Beijing Games on Friday, tying his Athens mark and closing in on Mark Spitz’s record.

See video here


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