New MacBook Air on the way?!?

F39DEEFE-A250-4D07-AFB6-2A4037B0D638.jpgApple is getting ready to unleash a NEW, revised MacBook Air into the world…soon. No exact dates yet.

The rumor is the design of the MacBook Air will remain untouched but as my Grandmother always told me, “It’s what’s inside that counts”. So this bad boy will come with a standard Penryn-class Core 2 Duo plus a higher-capacity battery.

The SSD prices will go down and hopefully the Hard-Drive will be increased to 120 -160 GB.

The MacBook Air will still come with No firewire ports, optical drive or removable battery but all that doesn’t seem to have hurt sales of this popular lightweight laptop!

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One response to “New MacBook Air on the way?!?

  1. pacer521

    I heard about something like that with a pink air coming out. It seemed pretty cool.


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