Seinfeld “Windows sucks and yadda, yadda, yadda…..”

35B4A469-DC92-49B6-BECA-FE918262FD68.jpgRiding on the coat tails of the highly successful “Get a Mac” ads from Apple, Microsoft gets old American Express pitchman Jerry Seinfeld to push it’s failing Vista OS.

FishbowlLA is reporting:
“Our insider says the whole campaign is focused on ‘everyday’ people using Windows in real situations. Some of the options the agency has been floating around have been a reporter on Humvee, an Obama/McCain speech writer, a DJ – a blues musician. There was a crew that traveled all over the world filming humanitarian workers.”

In my opinion, instead of paying Jerry all this money, take that dough and make a better operating system — then sell it and make more billions of dollars!!!!

There, that one is free from me to you Bill!



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