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The new Guitar for all your Wii band needs!

Some great news for the the living room guitar stars out there!

So you have guitar Hero and Rock Band. You have two guitars BUT they do not play well together! Say hello to ezJam Combo Guitar from Nyko!

According to the gaming blogosphere, this is the gadget that all the rockers have been waiting for, a dual friendly guitar for all your rocking needs!

The price will be about $70, a small price to pay for the ability to rock out with your Wii out!

Searching Nyko’s site came back with nada on shipping dates, pics or even a spec of info on this new Gee-Tar……


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iPod nano 4G picture?!? Apple being green?


By now we have all seen the pic of the “new nano” (thanks 3J.R.) and there is wide speculation that this is the gadget that will be release on Tuesday.

My only observation is the packaging. I thought Apple was trying to be more green by not using so much plastic.

I could be wrong, this packaging may be constructed of a potato/organic concoction…. The good news is Tuesday we will ALL know the truth!

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