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New Gates and Seinfeld Commercial……ummm ok (video)

Picture 5.pngWhat do you think, is this selling software?????


Where’s that leather giraffe? What does that mean????

4.30 – long commercial


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Rock Band 2 standalone instruments coming next week



For all the Rock Band junkies out there, Engadget is reporting that the individual instruments are finally going to start shipping next week! Sweet!

“Previously, the ship dates for Rock Band 2 instruments ranged from “sometime within the next few months” to “sometime.” Now, however, we’re hearing that the standalone wireless drums ($90) and guitar ($70) will begin to ship out next week (at least for the Xbox 360). Additionally, Mad Catz’s Fender P-Bass wireless guitar controller ($70) and the wired ION Drum Rocker set ($300) should clutter up floor space around the same time. ”

(Via Engadget)

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Get your FREE iTunes HD videos!


A free selection of HD content for iTunes 8 users.  C|Net put together a helpful list that we borrowed from 9To5Mac:

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