Seinfeld gets the reboot from Microsoft ads


According to Engadget and countless other sites, poor unknown comic Jerry Seinfeld is out of a job. What will he do with the measly 10 million dollars he made for a few days work???

“The next phase of Microsoft’s latest ad campaign is set to begin — sans Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Apparently, the new ads do away with the unusual (and somewhat ill-received) banter and “real life” experiences of the two celebrities, and trade them for an earnest embrace of… Apple’s “PC” character. Apparently, one of the new ads even begins with a John Hodgman lookalike stating, “Hello, I’m a PC, and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”

Microsoft as Billions of Dollars and these are the best ideas coming from all that $?
Hire a college student with a DV cam and Final Cut, I mean Adobe Premiere and be done with it.

(Via engadget )

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