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Obama goes high tech with an iPhone App!

Picture 4.png

Look who’s on your iPhone, Barack Obama!

Stay up to date with your favorite candidate with this App that includes:

All the latest news, pics videos and more.

Get it HERE


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Mac Users get Netflix love! Download this!

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According to Netflix blog:

“for all of you Mac users (of which I am one) we’ve been busy working getting a solution that will allow you to watch instantly on your Mac. So hang in there – we’ll have something for you by the end of the year.”

Wooo Hooo!

Check it out HERE!

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Get your Fake MacBook images, hot off the web!


The geek blogosphere is all excited about the NEW fake MacBook Pictures floating around.

Personally I’m glad they are fake since the MacBook looks UGLY! Two-tone, no thanks!

Get all the news of the leaked pics HERE!


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