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Apple TV gets an update – 2.2 now with Genius Playlists and more…

EA7FDC5C-5D35-444A-A263-3CBB8199680F.jpgApple TV Gets an update – 2.2

According to Apple.com, here is what was updated:

HD TV shows-Purchase the leading HD TV shows directly from the iTunes Store. (US only)

Movie browsing by actor and director-Browse movies on the iTunes store by actor and director. Select “More” on the movie page and browse the actor and director list on the left to see other movies for that individual.

Chapter selection, alternate audio and subtitles-While playing a movie, press and hold Play/Pause to access chapter selection, alternate audio and subtitle display. The display shows the options available for the current movie.

Movie description-Press Up when playing a movie to display a description of that movie.

Genius playlists-To create a Genius playlist based on the currently playing song, press and hold Play/Pause to bring up the contextual menu and select Start Genius. Note: The Genius feature must first be enabled in iTunes 8.0.1 and synced with Apple TV.

On-The-Go playlists-To add the currently playing song to the On-The-Go playlist, press and hold Play/Pause to bring up the contextual menu and select Add To On-The-Go.

Music videos in playlists-Make playlists in iTunes combining your favorite music videos and songs. Play them back on Apple TV and let them play continuously.

Apple TV standby mode-From the main menu, press Play/Pause for about three seconds (or go to Settings > Standby)

I can’t wait to mess around with all the new goodies!


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iTunes goes to 8.0.1 – Update

Picture 2.png

iTunes gets updated to 8.0.1

Via the software update

or click HERE

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