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Security Update Time….1.0 – Get it NOW!

Picture 7.pngSecurity Update 2008-007, which can be downloaded and installed via Software Update preferences, or from Apple Downloads.

Want to know what this update is all about? Click HERE

Now don’t you feel Secure?


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October 14th! – Apple “Notebook” event Confirmed!



Engadget is reporting:

“Apple “Notebook” event is on, October 14th! -The rumors were true folks. Apple is staging an invitation-only Town Hall event in San Francisco next Tuesday, October 14th at 10AM PST.”

One Word…YEAH!!!

(Via engadget )

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Top 16 Free Apps For iPhone & iTouch – 10.09.08

Top 16 Free Apps For iPhone & iTouch – 10.09.08

1. iBowl
Category: Sports
Released: Sep 24, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

2. Space Monkey
Category: Games
Released: Jun 28, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 3

3. i. TV
Category: Entertainment
Released: Oct 06, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 15

4. AroundMe
Category: Lifestyle
Released: Sep 21, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 2

5. Tic Tac Free
Category: Games
Released: Sep 01, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

6. fring
Category: Social Networking
Released: Oct 01, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 4

7. Virtual Zippo® Lighter
Category: Lifestyle
Released: Sep 18, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 6

8. Audi A4 Driving Challenge
Category: Games
Released: Sep 25, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

9. Vegas Pool Sharks Lite
Category: Games
Released: Sep 03, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 7

10. Tap Tap Revenge
Category: Games
Released: Jul 07, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

11. Lightsaber Unleashed
Category: Entertainment
Released: Sep 24, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 9

12. Mancala+
Category: Games
Released: Sep 27, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 14

13. Knots
Category: Games
Released: Sep 16, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 27

14. Free Word Warp
Category: Games
Released: Oct 06, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 12

15. iGolf
Category: Sports
Released: Sep 08, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 11

16. Pandora Radio
Category: Music
Released: Jul 09, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 17

(Via Top 100 Free iPhone Applications – Pinch Media)

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$800 laptop from Apple?


The inquisitr is reporting that Apple is ready to depoly a $800 Laptop due to the poor economic situation (thanks for caring, now build some factories in the US)

“According to the source, Apple retail stores have been given price sheets that list 12 price points for the new range, with prices between $800-$3100. Current lines only have 8 price points, 3 Macbooks starting at $1099, 3 Macbook Pros and 2 Macbook Airs. According to the source, retail outlets usually get the price lists 10 days before products hit the market. Technical specs for the new laptops were not included on the price she”

I think it is great to have an $800 Laptop available, now I can get one for my Niece.
(if she is good)

(Read the full article HERE)

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YouTube helps viewers purchase music from iTunes and Amazon

Picture 7.png

YouTube added a few new handy buttons below videos that contain music.

Picture 6.png

That way if you are digging on the tune, you can instantly go to iTunes or Amazon.com to download it.

According to Googleblog:

“When you view a YouTube video with a great soundtrack, you often see comments from YouTube users asking about the name of the song and where they can download it. Or when users watch the trailer for an upcoming video game, they want to know when it will be released and where they can buy it.”

Now, how can I get back those numerous minutes of searching!

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