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MacBook Blu-Ray Rumor compliments of Kevin Rose


Edibleapple is reporting that Kevin Rose has been making more predictions. This time it is about the new MacBooks containing a Blu-Ray drive.
Sounds good but I have heard this rumor a few times before and it never panned out.

” Kevin Rose enlightened us with yet another juicy rumor.  He claimed that the new and yet to be announced MacBooks will support Blu-Ray drives. Rose, however, did qualify his prediction by saying that his source for the Blue-Ray rumor was not nearly as good as his source for the iPod nano and iTunes updates.

On Tuesday, all our questions will be answered: $800 MacBooks? Blu-Ray? One piece of aluminum construction? we’ll see…..

(Read full article HERE)


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iPhone 3G, available from Walmart? huh?!?


Boygeniusreport is saying that the iPhone 3G could be in your local Walmart starting Nov. 15th. WOW, that would be wild, I NEVER, EVER thought of Apple and Walmart would appear in the same sentence, article or thought.

“One of our ninjas has it on good authority that Walmart will begin selling the iPhone 3G next month – on November 15th to be exact. If Walmart is indeed getting the iPhone 3G, the timing makes sense with Black Friday coming just under two weeks later. Bringing the iPhone 3G to Walton’s wonder would definitely help ease the congestion a bit for those heading out to snag an iPhone 3G as a gift.”

(Get all the info at—> The Boy Genius Report)

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