Will you be getting a NEW MacBook or MacBook pro?


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2 responses to “Will you be getting a NEW MacBook or MacBook pro?

  1. Muller

    Hey dude, nice website, maybe check mine out? We could link up and becoem friends?
    keep up the site man, the macbook pro is the best, with a nvidia graphics card means better performance and you can play games on it! Cool huh?

  2. Came across your poll on a link at the bottom of my blog on this issue. I was looking forward to the new MacBooks but couldn’t believe that Apple decided to put up their prices in Ireland/UK even though the poor dollar should have driven prices much lower. Also the lack of Firewire was a real disappointment.

    My advice for anyone is to have a look at eBay for a bargin. I just bought myself a fairly good second hand MacBook and saved myself over 800 euros! Mac Fanboys are flooding the market with MacBooks so they can purchase the new version thus reducing prices.

    I could have affored the new MacBook but whether I could or not, having the economy on the news 24/7 will not help Apple. The new MacBook is one Apple I did not Bite!

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