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Top 20 Websites


According to hitwise.com:

Hitwise US – Top 20 Websites – September, 2008

Rank Website Market Share

1. http://www.google.com 6%
2. mail.yahoo.com 4.7%
3. http://www.myspace.com 4.01%
4. http://www.yahoo.com 3.88%
5. mail.live.com 2.14%
6. http://www.ebay.com 1.61%
7. search.yahoo.com 1.48%
8. http://www.facebook.com 1.2%
9. http://www.msn.com 1.08%
10. http://www.youtube.com 0.93%
11. http://www.gmail.com 0.79%
12. http://www.wikipedia.org 0.53%
13. images.google.com 0.52%
14. mail.aol.com 0.42%
15. search.msn.com 0.41%
16. news.yahoo.com 0.41%
17. my.yahoo.com 0.4%
18. address.yahoo.com 0.4%
19. http://www.pogo.com 0.37%
20. http://www.craigslist.org 0.33%

(Get all the Info HERE)


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It’s right there on the Tip of My Tongue! Need help?


Have you ever need the …um bestest, or perfect word and you just can’t recall, or remember…um what it is…..So frus, frus, frustrating!

Well there’s a website out there to help you out – Tip of My Tongue.

When you need that extra help!

Get that word figured out now HERE

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Time to rock out with your Wii out! Rock Band 2 for Wii


Rock Band 2 for the Wii is due to come out in about a month!

The rumor is…for all you Guitar Hero III owners out there (like me) your guitar will work with Rock Band 2…Sweet!

I can’t wait to start rockin’ in the wii world once agin – November 18.

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Joe The Plumbers web site

98E8C929-1BB2-4923-AEBF-FAA2F9229A22.jpgThe star of the debates – Joe the Plumber, is a real business in Amarillo Texas with the real web address joetheplumber.com. I’m sure the number of views have increased since Tuesday night, heck I went there.
It’s good to see that they are taking advantage of the hype with their new Joe the President t-shirts!

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