Mac Mini, don’t say goodbye yet!


Macrumors has an interesting post about the possible future for the little computer that could:

“Mac Mini Still Alive? New Model Coming?:, an internet hosting company that has a vested interest in Apple’s Mac mini computers, has published a ‘State of the Mac mini’ report in which they claim that they have heard that a new Mac mini is on the way. Specifically, they believe (with some certainty) that it will gain the following specs:

– A new Mini DisplayPort
– Increase in max RAM to 4GB
– SATA Optical drive (instead of ATA/IDE) certainly has a financial interest in the continuation of the Mac mini and, as a result, may be in the position to have heard about its fate. The hosting company also dispels the notion the the Mac mini is selling poorly and believes that the mini is still a very popular model both for businesses and consumers.

I personally can’t see Apple getting rid of the Mini but hey, I liked the cube, so……

(Read full article HERE.)

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