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Gene Simmons Axe for Guitar Hero and Rock Band! SWEET!


Compatible with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band

Bi-directional Strum Bar

Ultra Responsive Fret Buttons

Analog Whammy Bar

$79.99 to be released…ooooo aaaaaa Halloween, Oct 31!

Pre-order now HERE!

only for PS2 and 3


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iPhoto Update – 7.1.5

Picture 3.png

iPhoto Update – 7.1.5

“This update improves the printing quality of books, cards and calendars ordered via the iPhoto printing service.”

Available through Software Update

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Geek Halloween with Mac-O-Lanterns!

Picture 4.png


“This Halloween season, bring an old computer back from the dead. Here’s all you need to turn that dusty old Mac Classic into a glowing, Halloween treat. Besides a working computer and a little technical know-how (very little), all you need is three cans of spray paint and a bit of epoxy. And here’s the best part…no slimy guts to clean out!”

(Via instructables )


Make your own with an old iMac, Learn how HERE

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Guitar hero world tour out NOW!

Picture 3.png

Activision’s Guitar Hero World Tour is available since yesterday.

The game alone is $49.99 – $59.99

The game and the guitar is $89.99 – $99.99

The Full rock out with your Wii out Band kit is $179.99 – $189.99

Time to rock the living room!!!!!!

Check it out HERE

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Mac’s can Watch Instantly on Netflix….not now but soon


Mac’s can Watch Instantly on Netflix….not now but soon

But only on windows and Intel Macs, sorry Power PC Mac users.

Here’s the scoop from Netflix:

“Based on Microsoft Silverlight, New Player Features Enhanced Dynamic Streaming, First-Time Use for Macs and

Breakthrough Navigation for Fast-Forward and Rewind

LOS GATOS, Calif., October 27, 2008 – Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX), the world’s largest online movie rental service, today announced it has begun the deployment of Microsoft Silverlight to enhance the instant watching component of the Netflix service and to allow subscribers for the first time to watch movies and TV episodes instantly on their Intel-based Apple Macintosh computers. The deployment, which will initially touch a small percentage of new Netflix subscribers, is the first step in an anticipated roll-out of the new platform to all Netflix subscribers by the end of the year.

Silverlight is designed for delivery of cross-platform, cross-browser media experiences inside a Web browser. It is expected that Netflix members who watch movies and TV episodes instantly on their computers will enjoy a faster, easier connection and a more robust viewing experience with Silverlight, due to the quality built directly into the player. Among the viewing enhancements with the new player is a breakthrough in timeline navigation that vastly improves the use of fast-forwarding and rewinding. The new Netflix player takes advantage of Play Ready DRM, which is built into Silverlight, for the playback of protected content on both Windows-based PCs and on Macs. That had not been possible with previous generation technologies.

‘Silverlight with Play Ready offers a powerful and secure toolkit for delivery of dynamic streaming, which offers faster start-up, and higher quality video, adapted in real time to users’ connection speeds,’ said Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt. ‘Members who enjoy watching movies and TV episodes from the growing library of choices that can be instantly streamed at Netflix will be thrilled with this next generation improvement of access and quality, on a broader range of platforms, including Intel Macs and Firefox.’”

Check it out HERE

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Google Earth for iPhone – the EARTH in your pocket!

Picture 4.png

According to the Official Google Blog, you can carry the EARTH in your pocket:

“With just a swipe of your finger you can fly from Peoria to Paris to Papua New Guinea, or anywhere in between. It may be small, but it brings all the power of Google Earth to the palm of your hand, including all of the same global imagery and 3D terrain. You can even browse any of our 8 million Panoramio photos or read Wikipedia articles.

With Google Earth for iPhone, you can:
• Tilt your iPhone to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain
• View the Panoramio layer and browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world
• View geo-located Wikipedia articles
• Use the ‘Location’ feature to fly to your current location
• Search for cities, places and business around the globe with Google Local Search”

Go get it from the Apple Apps store…now!

(Get the full scoop and watch the video HERE)

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