Qik.com on your iPhone – The website anyway….

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Like a lot of iPhone users, I am waiting for Qik to come out with an app so I can stream video. You can do it NOW but you have to Jailbreak your iPhone first.

Well, while you wait, check out their site with your iPhone:

“You can now experience most of the features available on the qik.com website directly from your iPhone and iPod Touch. To get started visit http://qik.com on your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Features available:
– View Hot Qiks, Top Qikkers
– View someone’s profile page by going to qik.com/[username]
– Search for Qiks
– Playback Qiks
– View location of the Qik (currently limited to Qiks streamed from iPhone)
– Login to view and edit your profile
– Add Title, Description, Tags to your Qiks
– Set Privacy for your Qiks
– Follow other Qikkers
– Share Qiks with Others”

(Get all the info HERE)

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