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It pays to be nice, student gets FCP studio for FREE

B4128E79-8634-41C6-A018-9DD399E98ED1.jpgA high-school student wrote an nice letter to Mr. Jobs asking for the educational discount on FCPstudio.

What did Mr. Apple do?

He sent the wannabe film maker his very own copy FOR FREE!
An early X-mas present?

Gotta run, I have to get started on my letter.

Dear Mr. Jobs,
I love Apple and everything that starts with an i, can I please get a new Macbook Air? Oh yea I am 12 (wink, wink)

Get the full story HERE

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FireWire 400 to 800 Adapter from Sonnet


When the new Macbooks came out a lot of people were not happy about the lack of a Firewire 400 port, well here’s a great solution for around 15 bucks!

“Sonnet – FireWire 400 to 800 Adapter “Use your existing FireWire 400 cables with this FireWire adapter from Sonnet to connect FireWire 400 devices to a FireWire 800 port, without going through the trouble of purchasing yet another cable. Just plug it in between a FireWire 800 port and a standard FireWire 400 cable’s 6-pin male connector (the other end of the FW400 cable plugs into your FireWire device). It can’t get any simpler.”

(Check it out HERE)

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QuickTime goes to 7.5.7 for MacBooks

Picture 1.png

Get you fresh update MacBook owners!

“This update is recommended for owners of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro with Mini DisplayPort. The update addresses an issue where some standard definition purchases from the iTunes Store do not play on some external displays.”

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