Hey Apple, Buy Boxee! Duh!


If you have seen Boxee, played around with it, hacked your AppleTV to use it, you already know it Rocks! If you havent, check it out!

I am NO coder, hacker or advanced terminal dude but I even got Boxee to work on my AppleTV! Click HERE

And here’s another great reason to get it: (from Boxee’s web site)

“Good news: you can now access Netflix on boxee,  get your Instant Queue and Recommendations, browse Recently Added and Most Popular, sift through the entire Netflix Watch Instantly selection by Genre and  Search.”

What the heck (cleaned it up for the kiddies) , Come on Apple, this little company is spanking you! Make them an offer and lets get all this wonderful goodness on Apple TV!


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One response to “Hey Apple, Buy Boxee! Duh!

  1. Apple doesn’t need to buy Boxee, it just needs to tweak AppleTV.

    Excerpt from: http://replacetelevision.wordpress.com/2008/11/13/how-to-fix-the-appletv-hint-its-not-dvr-functionality/

    App Store / Plug-Ins
    Yes, I know you can use plug-ins now. I also know they’ve gone from hacking and jailbraking-level mods to plug-and-play simplicity, but in the end… they’re still hacks.

    We need an Apple-sanctioned solution to adding Boxee, Plex, Joost, or even games to the AppleTV. An App-store like package manager can easily do the trick.

    Also, an App store would allow Netflix and Apple to combine forces without an official partnership.

    It is widely known that Apple makes the bulk of it’s money on hardware sales and all other endeavors (including the iTunes store) work with the slimmest of profit margins. Apple is in the hardware business, first and foremost. Netflix is not.

    Netflix doesn’t make ANY hardware, instead they are doing their damnedest to get their SaaS on everything from TiVo to XBox360 to Macs and PCs to your cable box. It is certain that they would make an App Store app.

    Plug-ins boost the value of Apple’s hardware offering with minimal effort and minimal OS bloat.

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