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Chrome leaves beta, Where’s the Mac version


VentureBeat is reporting:

“Google officially announced that its web browser, Google Chrome, has left beta testing status behind today. That’s great news, the browser is amazing. But there’s a problem — it still only runs on Windows. As a Mac user, I decided to ask if Chrome leaving beta for Windows meant that a Mac beta version is near.

‘We release early and often and while we are working hard on the Linux and Mac versions, the Windows version is ready so we want to get it to users as soon as possible,’ a Google spokesperson told me.

A fairly typical non-answer answer, so I decided to dig deeper.

Since Google announced its intentions to bring Chrome to the Mac on the Google Mac Blog, it has set up a download placeholder screen for the Mac version of Chrome. It features the Chrome logo with a black and purple space background. Users of OS X 10.5 ‘Leopard’ will recognize this as the default wallpaper and box art for the OS. From this page you can also sign up to be notified when Chrome for the Mac is released (you could do this before on a different page).”

So we wait…….

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