Rumor Du Jour – Mac Mini Coming to Macworld 09


Is Apple getting rid of the Mac Mini? Isn’t the new design coming soon? Will it have a Blu-Ray player to compete with the Netflix box?

There is no shortage of speculation around the next move for Apple and the Mac Mini, so I present to you the “Rumor Du Jour” – Mac Mini Coming to Macworld 09. Wired is Reporting:

“An upgrade to the Mac Mini is long overdue: The product hasn’t seen a refresh since August 2007, and Apple computers normally have a life cycle of roughly six months. This long period of silence led many to speculate that Apple was going to drop the Mac Mini from its product line. However, Apple has shown no signs of discontinuing the product. It’s also noteworthy that although Apple has been quiet about Mac Mini sales numbers, the diminutive desktop appears to be selling quite well. For example, the Mac Mini has been among the top 5 of Amazon’s best selling desktops; it currently stands at No. 3.”

(Read Full article HERE)


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