Hey, you 27 Zune Owners out there….


First off, Buy an iPod, come on it’s 2009 now, get with it!

Second, your frozen Zune will be ok (yippee 4 u)

“As its internal clock rolls past December 31, 2008, the ‘frozen Zune 30′ glitch is supposed to be rectified. (A bad date driver was not handling the 2008 leap year properly, and over a million Zune 30s were locked up yesterday as a result.)”

(Read full article HERE)


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One response to “Hey, you 27 Zune Owners out there….

  1. chrismahon

    Wow, that explains why both of my friends Zunes were frozen. Microsoft didn’t even put a reset button for users anyways… Luckily I have a zen and will have total control of my mp3 player unlike most of you all! lol! =)

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