Easter Egg in Google Mobile iPhone app

9A76BA29-AADB-4E2C-A6BB-CF503DB4E904.jpgBoy Genius Report has a fun Easter Egg for the New Year!

“Everyone loves a good Easter Egg and it looks like Google decided to add a few little treats to one of its iPhone apps. The Google Mobile App has some hidden menus that allow you to access a few fairly useless but entertaining features. It takes some perseverance but if you continue to swipe upward on the ‘About’ screen, a new menu item ‘Bells and Whistles’ will appear. Click on the new ‘Bells and Whistles’ menu and you will be able to change the color of the application, change the default sound to a monkey or a chicken, select a waveform to appear when you talk and set the option to open links within the application (the one useful feature). Enjoy!”

Very Funny, way to go Google Geeks!

(Via boygeniusreport )


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One response to “Easter Egg in Google Mobile iPhone app

  1. Nice find. I found it on the iPod Touch, too.

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