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25 for the Mac


All good Mac geeks know the Mac is celebrated it’s 25th b-day on Jan. 24th! I know it has changed my life as well as millions of others! Enjoy some amazing pics of our good friend, The Macintosh – HERE


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Documentary about Apple’s Ive


I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing designs that come out of Apple, where here is a documentary about the man behind some of the most creative designs, Jonathan Ive.

“Apple’s design facilities are one of those rareified places that the average person has little hope of ever seeing—kind of like Area 51, former Vice President Cheney’s famous ‘undisclosed location,’ or the rolling ice planes of Jupiter’s moon Europa. All rolled into one. 

But a new documentary about industrial design, Objectified, gets a peek into the heart of Apple’s success and an interview with the main man himself, Apple SVP for industrial design and pin-up Jonathan Ive. Director Gary Hustwit (who previously made the much touted fontumentary Helvetica) wrote on the film’s blog:

I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, except everything was made of shiny aluminum instead of candy. And there were no oompa loompas.”

You can see the trailer HERE

(Read full Article From Macworld HERE)

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