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Western Digital gets BIG, with 2TB internal HD.

“Western Digital has finally come clean with the industry’s first 2TB internal hard drive. Launched today in the USA, the planet’s highest capacity single HDD — otherwise known as the 2TB Caviar Green ($299; available now) — sits on a 3.5-inch platform, includes 32MB of cache”

Of course I just bought about 8 new 1TB drives…figures!

But I am curious to see if the have problems like the Seagate 1.5TB drives.

(Read FULL article HERE)

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2.2.1 for iPhone/iPod touch – out NOW


Today, Apple has updated the iPhone and iPod Touch firmware to 2.2.1.

Upgrade your firmware by clicking on “check for updates” in your iTunes.

Cross your fingers and hope it goes well!!!!

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Kindle Dos?


Electronista is Reporting that Amazon might be ready to announce the next version of the Kindle. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the Kindle but also know there were improvements to be made!
We will wait and see on 2.9.09!

“Amazon today said it would hold a press event on February 9th at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City. The online retailer doesn’t provide details as to what will appear at the event but is widely expected to be launching the second generation Kindle at the gathering given the location and timing; the original sold out in late 2008 and isn’t set to come back on sale until the early part of 2009.”

(Read FULL article HERE)

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