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Is AT&T Ripping Off iPhone 3G Owners?


The Apple blog has a GREAT article explaining why AT&T is charging us “Loyal customers” so much for the iPhone upgrade!

“There is already a lot of noise over this all around the ‘net. Owners of the iPhone 3G saying they’re getting ripped off, or not being treated like ‘loyal customers,’ because they’re not being offered the fully subsidized price for the new iPhone 3G S. In reality the AT&T upgrade pricing is pretty much like all phone subsidies in the U.S. (and, for that matter, many other parts of the world). Actually, it’s a little better.”

(Read full article – On Subsidization: AT&T is Not Ripping Off iPhone 3G Owners)

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Free insurance for iPhone 3GS from Best Buy

Picture 2.png

Appleinsider (appleinsider.com) is reporting:

“Those who want added protection for their new iPhone 3G S units on launch day will have the option of queuing up at Best Buy to purchase both Apple’s device as well as a rare accident insurance plan, albeit one which may cost almost as much as the phone itself.”

(Read full Article – Best Buy to offer Apple’s iPhone 3G S with insurance)

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Twitter Twitpocalypse Status – YIKES!

Picture 1.png

“The Twitpocalypse is similar to the Y2K bug. Very soon the unique identifier associated to each tweet will exceed 2,147,483,6471

For some of your favorite third-party Twitter services not designed to handle such a case, the sequence will suddenly turn into negative numbers. At this point, they are very likely to malfunction or crash.

When will this happen? Check here often, and we will tell you how close we are to the Twitpocalypse2”

(Via Twitter Twitpocalypse Status)

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11 million downloads of Safari 4 – WOW


“Over 11 million copies of the final version of Safari 4 have been downloaded in a space of three days, Apple claims. The software became available for Macs and PCs on Monday, following Apple’s WWDC keynote. Prior to the keynote, a beta version of the web browser had been available since February.”

Read more –> Apple claims 11 million downloads of Safari 4

(Via MacNN | The Macintosh News Network)

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Reminder: DTV Transition Is Today, June 12th – Gizmodo

Reminder: DTV Transition Is Today, June 12th [Dtv]:

Today’s the Day!!

(Via Gizmodo)

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